Four Non-Horror Movies for Horror Fans:: By Ghastly1

Resurrection (1999)
Christopher Lambert stars as a cop, out to stop a serial killer who is using the body parts of his victims to reconstruct the Corpus Christi in time for Easter- so it’s really an Easter movie the whole family will enjoy. While it wears its Seven (1995) influences flagrantly, it wears them well; don’t let the fact it was released direct to video put you off, I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. It packs a punch with several scenes which will probably stay with you for a while.

Apology (1986)
This awesome early HBO movie stars Lesley Ann Warren as an artist whose new project consists of an answering service where people can call in and confess to their various misdeeds. Unfortunately for her, a serial killer is part of her audience and makes use of her installation to brag about his “artistic output” before turning his sights on her.

Siege (1983)
A gay bar gets wiped out by a vigilante group out to clean up their town, but one survivor manages to escape and take refuge with a group of people in their home which is then besieged. They defend themselves using guns and various homemade traps and devices. Borrowing heavily from Assault on Precinct 13 (1976), this Canadian film definitely shouldn’t be slept on; its atmosphere is taut and claustrophobic, leaving you wondering what will happen next and it ends on an intentionally sinister note.

Freaked (1993)
A very cool creature feature comedy starring Alex Winter as an asshole actor who gets his comeuppance for peddling toxic waste for a quick buck. An outgrowth of Winter’s earlier MTV show The Idiot Box, Freaked features insanely over the top make up by Screaming Mad George and one of my favorite title themes/sequences ever, thanks to a collaboration between Henry Rollins and Blind Idiot God.

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11 months ago

Resurrection will not only be a family favorite at Easter time, it will also help your children associate Lego men with serial killing and dismemberment. And good times were had by all.

11 months ago

I first became aware of Apology because it was sampled in the Eazy-E song, “Sorry Louie”. I tracked it down and enjoyed it quite a lot.

Oh wow, I didn’t even realize until you pointed it out; Resurrection is a Highlander reunion. Well spotted.

Freaked is very cool, originally it was going to be a straight up horror movie, which would have been cool to see.

Siege is a very good film and despite how it may sound, isn’t a cheap Assault on Precinct 13 knock off; it has it’s own identity and can stand on it’s own, much the same way Assault can contra Rio Bravo.

Yes, I see what you mean, although the killer always looked like a demented crash test dummy to me, lol.

crash test dummy.jpg
Last edited 11 months ago by Ghastly1
11 months ago

It’s good to know I wasn’t the only one freaked out by the good-natured, suicidal crash test dummies. They’re hovering right around clowns in creepy factor for me.