Gone Fishing (?)

UNK SEZ: Happy day after Christmas! Did you know that Kindertrauma has posted every day for the last four years and then some? It’s true! So guess what? Aunt John and I have decided to take a break for a bit to go all zen and stare at walls and maybe fish for Humanoids from the deep! Keep sending in your Traumafessions (your stories about what scared you as a kid), keep sending in your Name That Traumas! (your stories about the stuff that scared you as a kid that you don’t remember the title of) and please make sure to “like” us on our Facebook page which you can access through that Facebook link to the right! We’ll be back!! We promise (unless something horrible happens).

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Caffeinated Joe
11 years ago

Happy Holidays, Happy 2012 & thank you!

11 years ago

Humanoids from the Deep, what a fun movie. We are wading through the “MST3K vs Gamera” collection this holiday season. “Friend to children everywhere.” Enjoy your holidays. We have enjoyed your daily posts and your unique website. Best wishes to you in the coming year.

Philip Mertz
11 years ago

You guys deserve it. I’ll just have to go into the archives to hold myself over until you return, which is always fun.

Sean Thompson
11 years ago

September 22cnd, Fish People Day.
I invented, but I want it to become a thing. It would please me greatly if people celebrated it.

11 years ago

I love you boys and everything you do! Hope it was a grand time off.