Gremlins 2: The New Batch

When it’s primarily the pre-teen set that’s buying tickets, five years can be a long time between films. Many a GREMLINS t-shirt was outgrown between 1984 and 1989. The result? This worthwhile sequel came and went without nary a mogwai chirp. It’s a shame because THE NEW BATCH is everything a sequel ought to be and much more. It brings back the elements from the original that we are nostalgic for (though admittedly it is FELDMAN-less) while expanding it’s universe and upping the ante at every turn. G2 goes one further still, by splicing it’s DNA into nearly every known genre and becoming a different beast altogether. By films end, it becomes a whirlwind collage of self references, fourth wall obliteration and non-stop cinephilia.

Returning heroes ZACH GALLIGAN and PHEOBE CATES are now living together, engaged and starting new careers in the Big Apple when their past comes a calling in the form of neighbors the Futtermans (DICK MILLER and JACKIE JOSEPH). If that weren’t enough, the fates have also stuck little Gizmo back in their paths. Gizmo amicable as he may be, brings along considerable baggage, the hideous brethren that pops out of his back when H2O is thrown in the mix.

Where the original occurred in the snug IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE town of Kingston Falls, the territory in danger of Gremlification here is New York and possibly the world. Where Gizmo’s mind was once influenced by CLARK GABLE, he is now smitten with the actions of RAMBO. As the original seemed to take place in a no longer existing innocent past, the sequel heralds in an about to exist future of total media infiltration, mogul celebrities, and corporate domination. Truly the times they are a changing. There’s hardly a second to breath between the gags and cameos that abound in this anything-goes kaleidoscope merging of classic Warner Brothers cartoons and 1950s trash horror. If you ever wondered what the MUPPETS would be like with a license to maim, here’s your chance, just don’t blink or you’ll be sure to miss something.


  • CHRISTOPHER LEE as Doctor Catheter
  • The Canadian restaurant
  • LEONARD MALTIN is finally murdered for his crimes
  • Theater take-over results in shadow puppet interlude
  • TONY RANDAL’s “Brain” gremlin, not to mention the spider, bat, vegetable, electric and female gremlins.
  • Kate’s “Why I hate Lincoln’s birthday” monologue
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