Groovy Doom’s Drive-in Asylum Issue 4!

Hey! Groovy Doom’s awesome Drive-in Asylum fanzine has a brand new issue (#4) and it’s out NOW! This one sports a super special spotlight on everybody’s favorite fright flick FROGS! Plus yours truly is even featured in it! Get your issue HERE and while you wait for the postman, FIND THE TEN DIFFERENCES between the cover above and the cover below! Hop to it!

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5 years ago

1 B is missing the hyphen (-) in Drive(-)In
2 A is missing a (dot) under the letter (R) in d(R)ive-in
3 B has a longer index finger on hand in the upper right corner.
4 B has the word (presents) directly under the letter (O) underneath Groovy Do(o)m. Shifted slightly over in picture A.
5 A has a more (vegetation) by the left side. Follow the skulls right eyeball, you’ll see it.
6 A Frog has (one more finger) on his right hand as opposed to Frog B.
7 B Frog has hand protruding from its mouth with a (longer index finger).
8 Skull A is missing an (eyeball).
9 B The (F) in Frogs is larger than in picture B.
10 B Frogs is rated (PG). A Frogs isn’t rated.

5 years ago

Yep, there are always one or two that you just can’t pin down.