Help Mrs. Mac Find Her Hidden Hooch Funhouse!

Mrs. Mac has hidden 10 bottles of hooch in the bookshelf and now she can’t find them! She’s sobering up, so help her quickly!

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9 years ago

1. jack daniels on second shelf on left
2. jim beam second shelf right
3. wild turkey third shelf center
4. i can’t tell what it is but it looks familiar on the 4th shelf right
5. maker’s mark on 6th shelf left side
6. more wild turkey on the right side of 6th shelf
7. jd again on 8th shelf left side
8. sideways bottle on 9th shelf left side
9. wild turkey again 2nd shelf from bottom on left
10. and finally a double on the the same shelf on the right side!

that’s 11 – but who’s counting 🙂

freaking hilarious!!!!!!

thanks you guys!

Caffeinated Joe
9 years ago

11 is what I count! Fun!

9 years ago

maybe unk was keeping mrs. mac company while he was making this – that’s why the count is off!!

Ryan Clark
9 years ago

Oh lord, that is simply genius.

9 years ago

Ha, that’s brilliant!