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Traumatizer of the Day :: Nutter Butter Man

August 15th, 2008 by unkle lancifer · 4 Comments

Tags: Traumatizers

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12 years ago

I mean, the name alone is traumatizing.  Nutter Butter?!?  Then they encourage you to open him up and like out his insides.  Some people even like to like around the edges, getting the peanut butter that squirted out a bit.  It’s like you’re rimming the Nutter Butter Man!!!!

Then, unlike most cartoons, he has 5 fingers which makes him human like.  He has pedophile-like pasty skin and yellow hair.

You guys are goddamn brilliant digging this stuff up day after day.  Are you sure you’re not aliens or geniuses or from the future?

12 years ago

Seriously.  I think animation had progressed past that point by then.  The stability of those lines look as tight as Steamboat Willie!

And it’s def traumatizing that the little boy sprints off when the Butter man gets a weeee bit too close.  He’s like “yo!, peace Nutter Butter man… I’m getting the fu*k outta here!”