House on Haunted Funhouse

These two posters are different in 10 different ways. Can you find them all?

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Dylan Donnie-Duke
Dylan Donnie-Duke
9 years ago

First and foremost, congrats to you and Aunt J. Now to the mystery above:
1 Skeleton lower spine
2 Vincent’s tie
3 Lock on gate
4 Cross on steeple
5 Skeleton’s neck
6 Hung lady is lower on B… or the title is higher.
7 Windows between skeletons thigh bones (A sentence I never imagined I would write.)
8 Starring has gone missing on B
9 vincent’s thumb
10 ….will have to be left to someone else. I have to get back to work.

9 years ago

YEEEESSS!! I love these!


1. cross at top of building
2. 3 nubby bones on left side of skeleton’s lower spine
3. handle on gate
4. “starring”
5. vincent’s tie
6. the little hair wisp on the very bottom of the bodyless chick’s head
7. middle grey/blue window under the skeleton’s pelvis
8. vincent’s candle holding thumb!

that’s all i got…

I’m sooo happy for you guys! xoxo!

9 years ago

What’s all the congratulatin’ about?
I’m guessing someones got married… just guessin