Name That Trauma :: Reader Val on a Crazy Killer Clown Comic Book

Hello there!

For quite a long time now I’ve been checking your site regularly but this is the first time I actually had the guts to write you. Lately I had a conversation with my girlfriend during which an old memory came up again, that I’ve forgotten about for a long time. It’s a memory of an old movie or television series (I’m not quite sure about that) I watched as a child and that scared the living shit outta me.

There was a boy that had this strange comic book with a clown on the cover and he read it in class. His teacher confiscated it and threw it into an aquarium. Later the boy got it back and put it in the microwave at home to dry it. Then he went to look at it again, the clown on the cover was like cut out and now ran free in the real world. Of course nobody believed the boy’s story but everyone the clown came across went laughing like crazy with blue slime coming out of their mouths – including the boy’s parents. Yuck! The boy and his friends followed the clown with the help of the comic book, in which they could read what was going to happen next. One scene I remember is then they were sitting in a bus and reading the book which told them, that the bus driver was the clown/infected by the clown and they were looking up and the driver turned his head, laughing like crazy.

So, long story, big big trauma that haunted me for years aaand… I think I’m scared now. Help!

Oh and my name’s Val. Have a nice day!

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9 years ago

Hey! I actually know this one! This is an episode of “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” “The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner.”

You can watch the whole episode on You Tube here:

I was given a clown doll at the age of four, one of those with the stuffed cloth body and the plastic face. Hideous. I made my mother burn it in the backyard trash barrel! I actually thought I’d put the thing to death and felt guilty after. Eh.

9 years ago

Oh my god YES that’s it!! Thank you so much for your help! I just watched it and wow… it still freaks me out.