Traumafession:: Reader Josh T. on an Animated O.J. Simpson

I was very little when the OJ Simpson trial was going on. I did not understand it. It absolutely terrified me to listen to the news and everybody trying to say how they thought everything happened, especially with that ice cream melting.

But the thing that REALLY scared the ever loving crap out of my tiny self was when one local news channel brought in a CGI expert who made a primitive CGI rendering of what they thought happened. They were these badly done 3d models of people that basically were blocks with blocky arms, domed heads with just eyes on them (dead, soulless eyes). The “OJ” model stabbed whoever it was he was accused of killing with a knife. But it was all in slow motion and horrible.

I was so scared, and I ran into my room and cried in terror and begged my mom to call someone, preferably the news studio. I’m not sure what I expected her to tell them, but I was just so horrified.

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9 years ago

I was doing 3d graphics, in it’s relative infancy, back in the mid-90’s. One thing I remember was teaching this traditional artist the basics of 3Dmodeling and animation. She was really creeped out by the coldness of 3D. I kind of knew where she was coming from, but I was too busy trying to master 3D myself.

More recent examples of creepy 3D are Polar Express and that Christmas Carol film. The characters have these dead eyes and glowing teeth. Pixar gets it right because they’re not
attempting realism.

So yeah! I could see how 3D AND O.J. could be a lethal combo!!