It’s a Horror to Know You:: John Squires of Freddy in Space!

It’s a Horror to Know You: John Squires of Freddy In Space!

1. What is the first film that ever scared you?

Don’t really have any sort of great story here, but I have this one very vague memory of watching The Exorcist with my dad when I was pretty young, and being very scared of it. It’s weird because I remember feeling like the film had some sort of evil power to it, and it totally freaked me out. I don’t even think we watched the whole movie together, I think it was just on TV and we passed by it and watched for a bit but yea, that feeling I got from it always stuck with me. The way my dad spoke about it in particular really had an impact on me, and made me feel like we were watching something that could potentially be harmful to our health. It’s kinda weird that I even have that memory, and can recall those feelings, but I’m glad I do, and that I can!

2. What is the last film that scared you?

That’d be Jaume Balaguero’s Fragile, which was made way back in ’05 but not released until 2010, when Fangoria picked it up for their ‘Fright Fest’ DVD line. It’s not that the film is super scary or even all that amazing or anything, but I watched it at the absolute perfect time for it to creep me out. I’ve always felt that one’s enjoyment of any given horror movie has a lot to do with the circumstances it’s watched under. Like if you watch Blair Witch with the lights on and some friends in the room, it’s totally gonna be lame and unscary. But if you watch alone in the dark, it’s a whole different story. When I watched Fragile, my wife and I had just moved into our own place, and I still had that feeling that we were sort of living in someone else’s house, where we didn’t belong. It didn’t hurt that the house used to be owned by my uncle, and all my childhood memories of the place were linked to it being really dark and unsettling. Not that he’s a dark guy or anything, but he was a bachelor at the time, so the place had this kinda lonely and sad vibe to it. On top of that, he used to tell my brother and I that a boogeyman lived in the basement. So yea. Anyway. One night, after Jen went to bed, I watched the movie, alone, in the pitch dark, in this house that felt foreign to me. Needless to say, it scared the shit out of me. Again though, really has more to do with the way I watched it than it does the scary factor of the movie itself. I honestly don’t remember much about the movie but it is pretty solid, definitely worth checking out for anyone who may have skipped over it. Give it a chance, it’s directed by one half of the directing team who brought us the super scary REC films!

3. Name three Horror movies that you believe are underrated.

1) Blood Creek – Gotta put this on here because I never hear anyone talking about the movie, which leads me to believe that not all that many people have seen it. Why do I say that? Because if you’ve seen it, you’ll damn sure be talking about it! Directed by Joel Schumacher, Blood Creek is the story of an immortal badass Nazi demon … played by Michael Fassbender! The movie is so different and gory as all hell, with one scene of zombie horse carnage that needs to be seen to be believed. SEEK THIS MOVIE OUT. It’ll totally make you forgive Schumacher for the nipple suits.

2) Amityville 1992 : It’s About Time – There’s generally this broad sweeping belief that everything past Amityville 2 is complete and utter garbage. Which is mostly true, but there is a gem hidden in the wreckage of the infamous evil house. And that gem is the sixth installment, fitting titled “It’s About Time” … as in, it’s about time this franchise had something worth watching in it! Directed by the dude who made Hellraiser 2 (Tony Randel), Amityville 92 is about an architect who becomes consumed by the visage of the Amityville house, so much so that he plans on building an entire town full of nothing but Amityville houses. It’s all a result of the man bringing home a clock from Amityville, which has the power to turn his own home into the evil 112 Ocean Avenue house, whenever it so desires. It’s a very interesting film, full of some pretty awesome and memorable sequences, and I highly recommend skipping everything else past Part 2 and giving this one a chance.

3) Silent Night, Deadly Night 4 : Initiation – Much like Halloween 3, this is one of those movies that would probably be a whole lot more appreciated if it weren’t attached to the franchise it’s attached to. Silent Night Part 4 has absolutely nothing to do with the first three films, and in fact really has nothing to do with Christmas either. In other words, it could be enjoyed all year round, if only anyone other than me seemed to enjoy it! Directed by the equally under appreciated Brian Yuzna, Initiation is a whacky mess of giant bugs, awesome practical effects and Clint Howard, a mixture that has to date never failed me. Look past the fact that this movie is part 4 in the Silent Night franchise and go ahead and fall in love with it as soon as you possibly can!

4. Name three horror movies that you enjoy against your better judgment.

1) Ice Cream Man – I talk about this one a lot over on my blog, perhaps way too much. The reason for that is because Ice Cream Man is the ultimate ‘best worst movie’ for me, a delicious little treat starring Clint Howard as a killer ice cream man that is just so damn good, despite the fact that it tries very hard not to be. I could watch that movie every single day and never tire of it. In fact, just talking about it is making me want to get off the computer and pop it in. But I won’t leave you hanging. So I’ll continue writing this post instead.

2) Sorority Row – Is the 2009 remake of House On Sorority Row a good horror movie? Or even a great one? No, it’s not. But I’ll tell ya what. I have an absolute blast with the film every time I watch it, and that’s enough for me to sing its praises whenever I hear anyone else bashing it. It’s a totally run of the mill and generic slasher flick, but there’s just something I dig about it. Maybe it’s the cool kill scenes (bottle down the throat!). Maybe it’s the image of a bloated Princess Leia with a shotgun. All I’m saying is, this movie + a couple adult beverages = fun.

3) The Creeps : Full Moon’s Charles Band wrote and directed this film in the late 90’s, about midget (sorry, little people) versions of the Universal Monsters and their quest to take over the world. Need I say more? No? Well I will anyway. The Creeps is one of my favorite Full Moon titles, which I first discovered on television back in my high school days. In fact, I can remember staying up many nights way past my bedtime, watching this movie. It’s one of those movies that simply cannot be turned off whenever it’s flipped past. It’s admittedly a guilty pleasure, but nevertheless is somewhere up there with The Monster Squad as one of my favorite film uses of the Universal Monsters. Well, it’s of course no Monster Squad, but I love it all the same!

5. Send us to five places on the Internet!

1) Dinosaur Dracula – This is the new site from the guy who used to run X-Entertainment, which was a huge inspiration for me in the blogging game. Dinosaur Dracula is pretty much the same site, only with a Dinosaur mascot that wears a Dracula cape. Matt is a crazy sumbitch, in the best of ways, and there is quite frankly nobody on the net capable of writing up posts in as entertaining a way as he. Whether it’s Halloween product reviews or looks back on vintage toys like Madballs and Boglins, Matt is the absolute best of the best in the entertainment blogging game.

2) Shit Movie Fest – My buddy Tom Bryce runs this blog, which is very much like my own. In other words, it’s totally awesome, and full of cool shit both new and vintage that’ll remind you why you love the horror genre. And wrestling. Because Tom loves both, and gives both equal love on his blog. Which works for me, because I also love both!

3) Fright Rags – Pretty sure most people reading this are well acquainted with this company by now, but if you’re looking for cool horror movie shirts, you need not go anywhere else. Truth.

4) Horror Movies And Beer! – This is a blog after my own heart, given my love for both horror movies and beer. Our host Erik not only talks horror, and reviews movies from time to time, but he also reviews various different craft beers, oftentimes ones that have horror themes to them. What more could you ever ask for from a blog!?

5) VHSPS – With so many horror and cult titles still not yet released on DVD, and the VHS releases of those films selling for a pretty penny as a result, somebody needed to take matters into their own hands and give us a chance to own and watch those films affordably, and on DVD. Thankfully, brothers Sean and George Jordan did just that with the VHS Preservation Society, where you can find hundreds of awesome lost gems, on DVD and for a mere 10 bucks a pop. Oh and be sure to use the Freddy In Space coupon code ‘BOOTS10’ to save 10% off all orders!!

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Amanda By Night
10 years ago

YAY! Nice to see Amityville 1992 mentioned. I love that movie. I caught it on a whim on TV sometime in the mid-90s maybe and really enjoyed it. The actor who played Shawn Weatherly’s boyfriend, Jonathan Penner was fantastic in his small role. I thought it was inventive and fun and anything with a little gratuitous Nita Talbot is a must see! I also like the Amityville TV movie with Patty Duke. It’s pretty brutal for a TVM.

I also quite like Ice Cream Man. I just mentioned that movie to my husband just the other day. He rolled his eyes. Some people will never understand.

Eric Eddy
10 years ago

I was always apprehensive about Blood Creek just for the fact that I’ve seen a ton of Nazi Zombie movies and all of them I’ve seen so far have been really terrible. Even Ray Stevenson couldn’t save “Outpost.” I may have to give it a chance now. I usually find a lot of films on hearsay (especially from this site), so here’s hoping! Thanks!

10 years ago

Oh yeah, Blood Creek… I’d forgotten about that one but now that I see it mentioned, yeah, that was a damn good Nazi-necromancer movie… and you’re right about that bit with the horse.
I think I’ll go watch it again because I’m a bit fuzzy about the non-horse bits of it… but I know I enjoyed it.

10 years ago

re: Fragile, all you really need to say is “Elena Anaya”. You might say “Calista Flockhart” too, but really, the sale’s already been made.

10 years ago

Is that…. David Naughton’s head in the ice-cream cone?

10 years ago

Yay, “Freddy in Space”. Along with “Final Girl” and, of course, “Kindertrauma”, my favorite spook sites!