It’s a Horror to Know You:: Michael of Cinema Du Meep!

It’s A Horror To Know You: Michael of Cinema Du Meep!

1. What is the first film that scared you?

Halloween (1978) – It’s also the first Film I remember period. Thankfully my Movie-obsessed parents didn’t mind taking a little kid to such a legitimately scary Movie. It also really resonated with me because it’s killer and I share the same name. It was the night WE came home.

2. What is the last film that scared you?

The Loved Ones (2009/12) – I’m not easily frightened by Horror Movies these days, but I did find this Australian Horror Film to be quite full of suspense. It’s a roller coaster of a Movie, with a villain you really want to see put down. Since it only made it here to the states this year (It’s also getting a very limited theatrical release this month by Paramount) It might end up in my top 10 of the year. I was pretty surprised by this Movie, and that’s rare for me.

3. Name 3 Horror Movies that you believe are underrated.

One Dark Night (1983) – Meg Tilly is locked inside of a creepy mausoleum (is there any other kind?) overnight as part of a pledge to get into a high school club. Things go bump in the night courtesy of the bitchy blonde who put her there, and her toothbrush loving cohort. In that very same mausoleum, the dead are raised by a russian psychic zombie vampire with the power of telekinesis (he’s got a lot on his mind), and they don’t seem too happy to be there. Atmospheric, creepy and a hell of a lot of fun, Director Tom McLoughlin (of the fun Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives) makes the most of a tiny budget. Co-stars E.G. Daily (Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, Valley Girl) & Adam West (TV’s Batman) as a dude who can’t find his depositions.

Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers (1992) – When Sleepwalkers came out, Stephen King fans revolted. He had written this one himself, but somehow they didn’t get it. I think it’s a lot of fun. This Movie has: Ancient creatures who indulge in incest, fear of pussycats, cops killed with a corn on a cob, Glenn Shadix molestation, the parents from Ferris Bueller’s day off, dancing in the lobby of a Movie Theater while vacuuming, a deputy who’s partner is a cat, gravestone rubbings as a hobby and a way to impress your date’s mom, the power of invisibility and more importantly being able to change the color and model of your car at will, horror icon cameos and so much more. It’s a keeper!

Suspended Animation (2001) – Director John D. Hancock made my second favorite Horror Film of all time (Let’s Scare Jessica To Death from 1971). He spent the next 30 odd years away from the genre helming an assortment of Dramas (Bang The Drum Slowly, California Dreaming, 1987’s Weeds) and even a Family Film (Prancer). Thankfully he returned to Horror in the early noughts with the shot-on-HD Suspended Animation. This is one of those Movies that is surprisingly complex, so I won’t go into too many details here, but I will say it is one of the most overlooked Movies of the last 10-15 years. I found it fairly creepy and well made (love the great snowy atmosphere) with a story that got me totally involved. Hopefully Hancock returns to the genre once again. Suspended Animation is currently available on DVD and it’s also available on Netflix Streaming right now as of June 2012.

4. Name 3 Horror Movies that you enjoy against your better judgement.

I Spit On Your Grave (1978) – My grandmother was a huge fan of this Movie. I had watched that big boxed VHS from Wizard Video countless times growing up. I probably should hate it by now, but somehow, I don’t. It’s a Movie that’s both hard to watch and also pretty compelling. I’d call it a contradiction in the world of exploitation perhaps because it’s a Movie that’s smarter than the Filmmakers actually realized it would be. Hold on to your penis before you lose it and enjoy.

Mardi Gras Massacre (1978) – A late 70’s Movie about a killer in New Orleans that rips out the hearts of sluts in the name of some Aztec ritual. Other body part dismemberment zaniness follows. If you this doesn’t sound all that interesting, well, it’s the kind of Movie you should probably just experience instead of reading some synopsis. I enjoy the occasional weirdo Movie, and this one, which also features mustachioed cops who are hot on the killer’s trail, is both weird and groovy. I really dig the Disco music, so much so that I play it on the ipod once and awhile, allowing it to whisk me away to it’s magical world. Play close attention to the title card in the beginning. There’s something that lives behind it!

Murder By Phone (1982) – I’m going to be honest with you, Murder By Phone is a terrible Movie. But, if you want to see people murdered by a Phone (landlines only, bitches. This was 1982) look no further. Watch bearded Richard Chamberlain ham it up and a slew of character actors like John Houseman embarrass themselves. This dull but somehow watchable Canadian tax shelter production was released in the U.S. by Warner Brothers and was directed by Michael Anderson (Logan’s Run, Around The World in 80 Days, Orca). After some research, I noticed that this Film was initially released as “Bells” in Canada, and was 20 minutes longer. Against my better judgement once again, I really need to track down that version and then reach out and touch someone… until they die.

5. Send us 5 places on the internet!

Besides this wonderful site here, I love to check out…

House Of Self Indulgence – Wacky and wild reviews of Cult & Retro Cinema. House Of Self Indulgence is like no other!

The Axe To Grind Show – Axe loves Horror Films so much, he just started his own little radio show. It’s off to a really good start.

Hysteria Lives! – If you love Horror, in particular Slasher Films, no one does it better than Justin of Hysteria Lives. Also check out his recently published in the U.S. “Slasher Movie Book” and “The Hysteria Continues” Podcast he heads up as well.

Uncle TNUC – Uncle TNUC captures a cool 80’s vibe that never fails to bring me back to that neon-spandex, cuff rolling, sock-less decade.

The Terror Trap – The Terror Trap has been doing Horror right for many years now. Love all the interviews, profiles and reviews.

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9 years ago

The deputy with his trusty cat Clovis, singing “here comes Johnny with his pecker in his hand” is one of *the* best parts of Sleepwalkers.

“Landlines only, bitches”, HA! Once again I have been made to spit my drink out in laughter….

Amanda By Night
9 years ago

Mari Gras Massacre is a lot of fun. I really loved it when I saw it a few years back. It needs a rewatch, so thank you Meep for the reminder!

I have Murder By Phone on vhs too. I watched some of it, many years ago now, and quite enjoyed it. Yet another movie I need to dig out of the boxes!

Walter Paisley
Walter Paisley
9 years ago

I have Murder By Phone on VHS also, except I’ve got the “Bells” version, which is a full fifteen minutes longer. I’m not sure what the extra bits are, but the more the merrier of that particular vintage of fromage, if you ask me! The only thing missing is that WB cover art, which is bizarre and fantastic.

9 years ago

Well, you did it. You actually made me want to see SLEEPWALKERS for the first time since I saw it in theatres. Also, ONE DARK NIGHT sounds right up my alley!

Elizabeth Molloy
9 years ago

Just looked up “Suspended Animation” and it’s got Alex McArthur from “Rampage” in it, so it’s gone onto my wish list 🙂