Kinder-Art :: M. Mararian’s Inky Dreadfuls

“March of the Cuckoos”

“Little Consumer”

“Danielle’s Lament”

“Arctophobia (Fear of Bears)”

“Pupaphobia (Fear of Puppets)”

“Carnophobia (Fear of Meat)”

UNK SEZ: Hey, Check out M. MARARIAN’S INKY DREADFULS! The top three represent his current show at the McCaig Welles gallery in Brooklyn New York (learn more about that HERE) and the bottom three are part of a series he did last summer on phobias. Are they not awesome AND so very Kindertraumatic? For more of M. MARIAN’S INKY DREADFULS simply hop on over to his fantastic and expansive WEBSITE!

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Amanda By Night
13 years ago

Those are awesome! Being a vegetarian, I too have a fear of meat! I wonder if I was like that as a kid!

13 years ago

I love the  “Pupaphobia (Fear of Puppets)”. I know I have mentioned ad nauseam my fear of puppets and mannequins. That one really speaks to me.

13 years ago

Puppets don’t bother me although I like that image shown here.   I get uneasy around guns.  Meat doesn’t bother me though thanks to the “Face Hugger” in the “Alien” movies I can’t look at crab legs w/o seeing that image of the legs wrapping around someone’s face!    I haven’t seen a bear up close in the wild but it could happen as I do take hikes in some parks where I live.  I don’t know how I’d react.  You know, I don’t want that opportunity either!    Chuck Manson happened when I was a one year old so I never got to know that history as it happened at that time.   The guy who played him in that 1976 TV movie: YIKES!!!!