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Name That Trauma :: Reader Katherine on a Vampire at the Window

January 10th, 2009 by aunt john · 4 Comments

This scene has haunted me for many restless nights. There was a vampire movie that came out on T.V. back in the late ‘80s or early ‘90s that had this particular scene where this teenager was lying in bed, looking out the window. When all of a sudden this boy, with a pale white face comes floating, horizontally up to his/her window, and beckons him/her to open it. The teenager slowly gets up and opens the window. Just thinking about it gives me the creeps.

UNK SEZ: Katherine, that’s an easy one! That has got to be one of the greatest moments in Kindertrauma history! It’s from TOBE HOOPER‘s television adaptation of STEPHEN KING‘s SALEM’S LOT. That child vampire scratching at the window scene has been the cause of countless sleepless nights and I’m sure many a wet bed. As a child, watching that scene and then having to retire to your bedroom to sleep is almost like returning to the scene of the crime. No wonder it’s had such a lasting effect!

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12 years ago

Definately one of my Top 5 Favorite Horror Movie Moments!!!!

12 years ago

I’ve never been able to sit through ‘Salem’s Lot and now I’m really glad that’s the case. I’ve seen the better part of forty years now and that youtube clip made me almost pee my pants in fright!

12 years ago

That was a great horror moment for me as well.  It ranked right up there with that “Mommy, I’m cold” scene in that Boris Karloff story in “Black Sabbath”!

11 years ago

That ranks very highly in TV scenes that scarred me for life!