Kinder-Flix :: Kinderpal Drew Daywalt’s “My Name is Kris Kringle” & “New Toy”

drew daywalt is naughty!

Heads up kinder-kiddies, if you haven’t seen it yet… put down your glass of eggnog and swing over to FANGORIA to enjoy DREW DAYWALT‘s latest seasonal-short masterpiece MY NAME IS KRIS KRINGLE!

And when you get back, be sure to save room in your stocking for his other gift… NEW TOY:

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Drew Daywalt
12 years ago

This one is hand in glove for you guys. John, Lance, I was thinking of you guys the whole time I was making this one. Glad you enjoy!

Happy holidays!!


12 years ago

That is TOTALLY F’ed up–I loved it!! I really enjoyed your other short called “Jack”.This was just the thing to start my Christmas Eve off on the right foot,LOL.
Happy Holidays!!


12 years ago

The kid in ‘New Toy’ would definitely deserve a spot on Kris Kringle’s Naughty List.