Kinder-Flix :: Panic (1978)

A ways back somewhere on these pages I was talking about a story my older brother told me that I took as gospel and later found out was an urban legend. As per usual with such tales, there are a multitude of variations floating about one of which is captured in a short film from 1978 called PANIC. It's directed by JAMES DEARDEN, the guy who wrote FATAL ATRACTION and from what I've heard, it was known to appear on the USA network and before features in UK cinemas. Why we've never received a traumafession for this one, I'll never know so I thought I'd throw it up on the Kindertrauma wall hoping that some day somebody looking for it will find it here. Do you guys remember this story? A woman in a car picks up a stranded old lady. As they drive the woman starts to suspect that there is something not quite right about the oldster. The driver figures out a way to get the creepy stranger out of her car but she leaves behind a handbag. When the purse is opened it reveals...

Kinder-Flix:: Watch Satan's Triangle!

UNK SEZ:: Howdy Kinder-citizens! If you're a regular reader of Kindertrauma then you have no doubt heard me mention the 1975 television movie SATAN'S TRIANGLE numerous times. It's the first movie that ever truly scared your lil' Unk to the core and it happens to be the main inspiration and catalyst for this site (and perhaps my love of horror)! Someday I'll write an extensive traumafession to give this creepfest its proper due but in the meantime, I just found it in it's entirety on YouTube! Now, SATAN'S TRIANGLE has been particularly hard to track down over the years and who knows how long it will remain on YouTube so I just had to give you all a heads up. If you enjoy television movies from the seventies this is a must see and if you enjoy scary supernatural mind screws it's a must see too. I gotta say, the final moments of this one still hit me right where I live. I'm going to throw the film into the comments section for your convenience and hopefully you'll check it out and be traumatized for life too!