Kinder-Flix:: Watch Satan's Triangle!

UNK SEZ:: Howdy Kinder-citizens! If you're a regular reader of Kindertrauma then you have no doubt heard me mention the 1975 television movie SATAN'S TRIANGLE numerous times. It's the first movie that ever truly scared your lil' Unk to the core and it happens to be the main inspiration and catalyst for this site (and perhaps my love of horror)! Someday I'll write an extensive traumafession to give this creepfest its proper due but in the meantime, I just found it in it's entirety on YouTube! Now, SATAN'S TRIANGLE has been particularly hard to track down over the years and who knows how long it will remain on YouTube so I just had to give you all a heads up. If you enjoy television movies from the seventies this is a must see and if you enjoy scary supernatural mind screws it's a must see too. I gotta say, the final moments of this one still hit me right where I live. I'm going to throw the film into the comments section for your convenience and hopefully you'll check it out and be traumatized for life too!

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10 years ago

THANK YOU. I have been trying to find out what this freaking movie was ever since I saw it on TV when it first aired, and brief images of both films have been gnawing at the back of my mind since then. Apparently I kept getting this one confused with "Horror at 37,000 Ft", as I remember both of them had planes and some sort of supernatural evil bent to them. Now my memories are complete. All I need to do now is add both of these to my horror movie collection along with my copy of "Trilogy Of Terror" (thanks Karen for all those sleepless nights!!!).

7 years ago

This movie scared me worse than anything or anyone ever did before or has since! I was 12 yrs old at the time and had absolutely NO CLUE what I was getting myself into when I layed down on the couch and started watching Satan's Triangle! My parents were out partying as they did almost every Saturday night. I was home alone and thought I could watch any ol scary tv movie no problem! I had watched scary shows like The Sixth Sense with Gary Collins and Circle of Fear before this and had been just fine! So this movie wouldn't affect me in the least! WRONG!!! As the movie escalated, I found myself getting more and more scared. I vividly recall being under a thick blanket and was sweating so bad that it was literally dripping off me like a garden hose! I was most definitely not prepared for the shock waves of horror that would rip through my motionless drenched body as this movie ended. If only I had access to a remote control! But they hadn't been invented yet!!! To turn the channel in those days meant getting up and walking over to the tv and turning a knob! Far too scared to do a crazy thing like that! I was SO FRIGHTENED that I was almost in tears! And I had to pee horribly bad too but no way in hell was I about to come out from under the safety of that blanket to go to the bathroom! Uh UH!!! I'm telling you that ending could have given me a heart attack!! Almost immediately after it was over, my parents came bolting through the door which would stick and had to have a shoulder rammed into it to open it and it made a loud noise and THAT almost gave me ANOTHER heart attack! But I survived and a flood of relief came over me like suddenly waking up from a horrible nightmare back to reality and safety. I BOLTED for the bathroom like a bat outta hell and nearly didn't make it! My mom asked me why I was all sweaty. I told her I had just been to hell and back watching a very scary movie. I was afraid of the dark for years after that. To this day no movie has even come close to scaring me like that one did. But I still love letting Hollywood try!!