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I so admire websites that focus on one single film. I like to think of every movie being a universe in and of itself and when someone has a favorite film that they just can't get enough of, I get a sort of contact high from their enthusiasm. Here's a quick list of some of my favorites...


Online since 2001, this heaven on Earth for fans of JOHN CARPENTER's THE THING is nearly as mind expanding as the film itself. I doubt there's any tidbit of information on CARPENTER's beloved horror sci-fi mash up that you won't find lovingly stored here. Founders TODD CAMERON and CHRIS MORGAN, with an assist from the late and greatly missed STEVE CRAWFORD, have created the only THE THING website anybody will ever require. Kudos are deserved for a mountain of impressive work. Chill at the outpost HERE!


WILLIAM FRIEDKIN's non-stop genius towering achievement THE EXORCIST is a film that will always inspire endless fascination. Established way back in 1999, CAPTAINHOWDY.COM is an incredibly expansive resource for anything involving the classic film and its offshoots. Your life is not complete 'till you've seen a crocheted model of Reagan puking on Father Merrin, which you'll find in its FAN ART section. Allow the Captain to amaze and entertain you HERE!


One of the first websites to make me fall in love with the Internet was a BLACK CHRISTMAS fansite called IT'S ME BILLY which has broken my heart and disappeared. Thank the lord webmaster Scott found as much inspiration from that site as I did and created his own tribute to BOB CLARK's excellent seasonal shocker. So glad that Billy has found a second home and that you can still visit him HERE.


I gotta say, this movie had a profound effect on me in my youth. JODIE FOSTER as Rynn Jacobs lived my dream life: alone in a big house ditching school, reading books and murdering anyone who tried to expose her. This is a relatively young fansite and it's off to a fantastic and wonderfully obsessive start. If you too are a fan of the film, do yourself a favor and visit my hero Rynn HERE, just don't drink the tea!


I can't do a list of fansites and not include my favorite fansite in the universe the one and only POLTERGEIST III fansite. It gives me warm fuzzies knowing that a film can be loved regardless of its reputation. P3 may be the black sheep of its franchise but everything about it, from its all-practical effects and mirror play to its cursed history is just all kinds of interesting. Webmaster Dave is an inspiration; give him a visit HERE!

So there's my five favorite fansites but there must be many more. Do any of you guys out there know of, or operate any movie fansites that you think we should all check out? Feel free to leave any links you can think of in the comments!

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12 years ago

Here's a lovely temple devoted to the worship of LET'S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH:

12 years ago

If you like Phantom Of The Paradise there's…

They even have a breakdown scene by scene of the whole film on there. De Palmatastic!