Kinder-News:: Drew Daywalt's The Hurting Man

UNK SEZ: Listen to this great news! Our old pal DREW DAYWALT has just signed a deal to direct the horror feature THE HURTING MAN based on his own original script and executive produced by LARRY FESSENDEN of THE HABIT and THE LAST WINTER fame! This is from the press release:

THE HURTING MAN follows the story of a police officer who tragically finds his family murdered after a failed 911 call and now must work to save their souls from a demonic boogieman haunting his childhood home.

"I wrote this script and kept it close to my chest," says Daywalt, " because this one was written from my own worst terrors, both as a parent of small children, and also tapping into my own childhood fears of a hideously costumed boogieman. This one's going to scare the hell out of everyone. I promise. I can say that because it really scares me, and I'm letting my fear guide me on this one."

Says Fessenden, "There's a certain kind of genuinely terrifying old-school-campfire scare that Daywalt gets right in his Fear Factory gems and I can't wait to see him nail those chills in a long form film."

This is exciting news for any horror fan familiar with DREW's fantastic previous work! Make sure you keep up to date by liking the film's Facebook Page HERE. And keep yours eyes out for his soon to be unleashed flick THE PASSENGERS which sounds equally kindertraumatic! In the meantime, it's always a good time for this DAYWALT classic...

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