Kinder-News:: Kindertrauma Nominated for “Best Fan Blog” By Total Film!

UNK SEZ:: Hey look at this! KINDERTRAUMA has been nominated for “Best Fan Blog” by TOTAL FILM. Many other fine blogs were nominated as well, including some of our bestest pals. We hate to grade-grub but we’ll do it anyway, if you like what we do here give us a high five via a click vote! Thanks times a million for recognizing us TOTAL FILM and remember folks, vote for KINDERTRAUMA because we don’t even want to go to college! Check out the ballot HERE!

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11 years ago

Kindertrauma is in 2nd place right now…. vote if you haven’t!

11 years ago

Voted and we’re kicking Chuck Norris’s ass!

Brother Bill
Brother Bill(@brother-bill)
11 years ago

Just voted! And I love that you’ve invoked Election.. one of the most underappreciated films of the 90s.