Kinder-News:: Kindertrauma Nominated for Hitchie!

Even though we can smell an elaborate prank that will result in pig’s blood being dumped from a bucket onto our heads from a mile away, KINDERTRAUMA is infinity times grateful for being nominated by the one and only LOST HIGHWAY for a GOLDEN TRAILER HITCHIE award this year! To find out more about “The Hitchies” and to visit the many fine blogs who shall kick our humbled asses, travel YONDER!

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11 years ago

Wow! That is great! Congrats!

Tommy V
11 years ago

Well deserved.

Steve Jencks
11 years ago

no joke. We’ll be giving a real trophy to the winner and the runner ups will be getting something cool as well. Love the b-movie snarky you bring to blogsphere. We celebrate the love of the 3B’s Blood, Breasts, and Beasts. Congrats on the nomination.