Kinder-News:: Talky Tina Bobble Head Doll!

Big thanks to SLASHER FILM SANCTUARY for giving us the bobble-heads up on this brand new TALKY TINA dolly based on one of our most favorite TWILIGHT ZONE episodes “Living Doll!”

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13 years ago

Thats my all-time favoriet TWILIGHT ZONE episode. Even though I owen em all on DVD I will still stop everything and weatch it when it comes on TV.

But even more awesome is the devil-head fortune teller bobblehead that tormented William Shatner in a diner! I got my best friend that one for Christmas becaue everytime we’ve ever seen that episode hes remarked how cool that freakin thing is and admits that just like Shatner, hed become obssesed with asking it questions too!