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Our buddy the ever-brilliant Arbogast (pictured above) of the incomparable ARBOGAST ON FILM was kind enough to bestow upon Kindertrauma a Premio Dardo Award. That’s when you pick five fellow bloggers that you think don’t stink and actually rule and tell everybody to go visit them A.S.A.P. Afterward the five you chose have to pick five of their own and so on and so on until who knows what happens. So in accordance with these rules here are five blogs that we love to death and think are deserving of the Premio Dardo Award as well….

Jeff Allard’s lifelong commitment to horror is evident in everything he writes. This guy is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge and never fails to fascinate us with his insights. Currently he is doing a countdown of all the FRIDAY THE 13th films, so get there right quick if you know what’s good for you!

Speaking of the wise and knowledgeable Vince Liaguno knows his slasher flicks and adores the leading ladies that sometimes survive them. He’s even written a book of fiction called THE LITERARY SIX which utilizes slasher themes, but takes them in directions you might never predict. If you are a fan of classic eighties slasher horror you’ll feel right at home at Vince’s pad.

Second only to MEREDITH BAXTER-BIRNEY, Amanda By Night is the undisputed queen of the made-for-television movie. She’s often bringing up stuff that I have never even heard of and I’m always amazed at how much she knows. She writes for just about everybody cool (Retro Slashers, Horror Yearbook and Pretty Scary), but MADE FOR T.V. MAYHEM is her super entertaining home base. If you feel like you’ve seen it all, stop by her joint and let her school you!

He’s often times not safe for work and he’s not the type of guy you can bring home to mother, but if loving Mr.Canacorn is wrong neither myself or Aunt John want to be right. Who can turn the world on with a mustachioed smile? Who can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem so fricking awesome? Well it’s Mr.Canacorn and you should know it! He’s not right in the head, but if you’ve got the nerve he’s got the verve. Awesomeness is just plain AWESOME!

Film Father is one of our favorite people out there and his site pretty much rules. Here is a review site that looks at films from a parental perspective and sometimes offers guidelines about what may be suitable for kids. It almost seems the polar opposite of Kindertrauma, but really it’s not. In fact, now that his kid Dash is helping out with the reviews you can get a kid’s point of view as it happens! How cool is that? It’s not all greasy kid stuff though, FilmFather is an avid movie buff and his reviews of non-kiddie fare are some of the best out there, so EVERYBODY should check him out!

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14 years ago

Hee hee…that photo always makes me giggle… And I’m now thinking where I can find a toy version of a motorized wheelchair so I can put the forthcoming Channing Tatum as Conrad “Duke” Hauser figure in it. 🙂

Anyhoo, “Made for TV Mayhem” is seconded by me. 🙂

Jeff Allard
14 years ago

Wow, I’m honored! Thanks for the awesome shout-out, Unk – it made my day!  

Corey Convex
14 years ago

Oh, you boys!  I can just picture all the disappointed faces as they click over from your awesome site to mine…

Looks like it’s time to bring it since y’all bitches represent!

Now, who to choose?

14 years ago

These are all great.  I am going to go with “Made for TV Mayhem”.  I’m a child of the 70’s and although I don’t remember EVERY made for TV movie that came out in that era,  I did see a bunch!

Amanda By Night
14 years ago

I’m SO honored to be on this list with all these great sites. I frequent them as well and think they are just fantastic, although as stated above, Awesomeness is one I can’t log onto at work! Damn you Canacorn!

This really made my day. I feel all like Sally Field at the Oscars, “You like me. You really like me!”

I will follow suit and post five blogs to see tonight!

Thanks again! I gush, but it’s because this does really mean a lot to me!

14 years ago

I am beyond honored to be included in this list. It really means a lot coming from you guys. Kindertrauma is part of my daily routine, and to be listed here — along with these other amazing blogs — is quite validating.