Kinder-Spotlight :: Inside

What’s this? Two Sundays in a row without Kindertrauma’s “Stream Warriors” feature? What gives? Well we are still nursing the wounds inflicted upon us by Netflix’s sneaky price increase. We had forgiven them for destroying bricks and mortar video stores but this new bait and switch is just too much! Someone has gotten too big for their britches! Why should we use coveted Kindertrauma real estate to promote those cheap ingrates when it can be better utilized by wonderful sponsors like Intel and Toshiba? Yes, the following is a sponsored post, paid for by Intel and Toshiba!

Are you sick of passively streaming dullsville movies on Netflix and have you ever asked yourself why the heck can’t I get involved with the events that happen in the film I’m watching? Do you wish to be a participant in something new and exciting rather than just an observer? You’re prayers have been answered and not by Netflix either, they have been answered by the good folks at Intel and Toshiba.

Starting tomorrow YOU will be able to take active part in a movie! INSIDE is a film that stars EMMY ROSSUM and is directed by the guy who did DISTURBIA (DJ CARUSO) and another person called YOU! Folks will get a chance to alter and experience INSIDE as it happens thanks to the help of social media favorites like TWITTER, FACEBOOK, and YOUTUBE! You can learn more HERE and from the embedded video below.

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Amanda By Night
10 years ago

I’m not sure what the general opinions on Disturbia are, but I really liked it. I had to watch it last year for a film class I was taking and I ended up writing my mid-term paper on it I got an A! 🙂

Anyway, I thought Disturbia was pretty interesting and fun, so I’m excited to see what the director is doing here…

10 years ago

It’s an interesting concept, and I’ll be interested in seeing how this project pans out.

10 years ago

I, too, have been saddened by the Netflix brouhaha, and as a result the no Stream Warrior action. I put my account on hold and have been catching up on Hulu and Youtube stuffs since then. I hope you guys do it again sometime – but I totally understand saying “Oh yeah? Well, screw you!” right back to Netflix.

Anywho – this new movie thingy does look interesting and, like ABN, I don’t know how the rest of the world feels about Disturbia – but I’ve seen it a couple times and the suspense always gets me.

unkle lancifer
10 years ago

I have yet to see Disturbia! I think I’ll give it a try now thanks to you guys.

We will certainly get back to “Stream Warriors” eventually. We can’t stay mad for long but Netflix does deserve to be raked over the coals a bit! We got rid of the disc plan and kept the streaming. So really we’ll be saving some $ but I’ll miss disc extras. I think they eventually want to do all streaming and this is just a way to get people to cancel their disc accounts. I just hated the dumb wording in their email alert, made worse by signing it “Your friends from Netflix.” Jerks.

As for “Inside”, I’m all for trying new stuff and making things more interactive.