Kindertrauma Funhouse!

UNK SEZ: Can you spot the TEN differences in these two photos? This is the house that scared and fascinated your poor Unk when he was a kid! It’s right next door to where my Grandma used to live and behind both houses believe it or not, is an old graveyard. If all goes as my delusional imagination plans, someday Kindertrauma Headquarters will be in there!

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9 years ago

oh man this is so great!! there are some houses in my old neighborhood in Portland that used to freak my shit out but that i loved to walk past.

my architectural vocab is a bit sad, but i have 9 so far….

little extra birdhouse looking thing on right roof tip

rounded entry

center window in top of turret thing

bit of red trim over small window in right sticking out part

small block of bars of trim missing

stair railing on left of cement stairs

black speck (could be an address plate) over entry

the cat!!!!

right pillar at entry

9 years ago

oh! i just noticed – at the base of the turret thing – the bushes are covering more in one photo.


They're coming to get you Barbara
They're coming to get you Barbara
9 years ago

That house is amazing!! Think of the Halloween parties you could have!