Name That Trauma:: Bloodylocks Bathory on a Flashback Murder

Hey Kinder-Crew. Bloodylocks Bathory here again, but this time with a Name That Trauma. In fact it may be one of your most obscure yet. I’ve been searching and searching and googling and yahooing, and yet I still can’t figure this one out.

I’m not sure if this was a movie airing on tv, a movie made for tv, or even an episode of a tv series, but all I can remember of it was the climax, and even what I remember may be completely inaccurate. But here it goes anyway…

Our teenaged heroine of the story is confronted by an older woman who reveals the grisly fate of another woman (the girl’s mother?) in a flashback. As it turns out, the teller of the story was the killer, having bludgeoned the unfortunate lady, even with the girl as a young child as a witness, if my memory serves me correctly. In the flashback there was possibly rain, or a river, but either way, I can’t get the image out of my head of the victim’s motionless body laying there with water running over her, possibly interspersed with shots of the child’s doll laying in the running current as well. Cutting back to the present, the killer has grabbed a branch or bit of wood and plans to do the same thing to the teenaged girl… when someone shouts the typical “so-and-so, look out!” Was this the supposed murder victim? How the heck does that make sense. I seem to recall the killer being quite shocked about this interruption, so perhaps it was… Hell, I dunno… I think the killer was then shoved a.) into the river or b.) off a high distance. What I always remembered most was the actual flashback involving the murder.

Did this really happen in a show or film? Am I crazy and just turned some memory of a real killing into fiction? I have no idea. But I hope someone can help me figure out that it was the former, and what specifically it had been from.


Bloodylocks Bathory

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Miss Random
Miss Random
8 years ago

Okay, I realize this is a bit late, but I was going through the archives. Spoilers ahoy! I think the movie you’re thinking of could be called The Lookalike. In this film there are some differences. Melissa Gilbert (as Melissa Gilbert-Brinkmann) plays a young woman (Gina) whose small daughter and husband were killed in a car crash on a muddy, rainy road the year prior. Our heroine is now seeing her daughter alive again. She does find the house she lives in, and a doll in the now- empty house that looks just like the one she had as a child.
Gina lives with her parents now, and it is clear somehow that her mother (Diane Ladd) is not on the up and up.
Meanwhile her co-worker has filled her head with tales of the doppelganger, and since she has seen the girl and her mother, who looks exactly like Gina, but with longer hair, she is frightened.
At the end, the lookalikes are brought together by Gina’s co- worker. It turns out that Gina’s mother has been hiding something…like the fact that she is not really Gina’s mother. It turns out that Gina had an identical twin sister. At the age of five, they were involved in a car accident on a wet, muddy road. Gina fell out of the car into the river. And whoops, haha, the person she thinks of as her mother is not really her mother at all. Indeed the one Gina thinks is her mother whacked her real mother (who was drowning) with a heavy stick on the head, several times, killing her and kidnapping Gina. The faux mom is now ready to kill Gina, and her twin yells out the “Look out!” shocking faux mom.
There was definitely a doll shown floating in the water. And Melissa Gilbert has a really young-sounding voice, so she could have been mistaken for someone younger than she was.
Hope this helped you out. Below is a youtube link.
-Miss Random