Kindertrauma Jukebox :: Ministry "Everyday is Halloween"

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14 years ago

Okay, "Everyday is Halloween" is a must have for any real Halloween party.  If your goal is a Halloween Dance Party, it has to start here.  I loved the Screamin' Jay Hawkins entry, but "I Put A Spell On You" should be reserved for the dark, cold, John Carpenter's Halloween theme areas of the mix tape, once you've got your audience trapped with you for the night. This is the sort of unabashed dark fun that doesn't arise often enough in music.  It's interesting that Ministry eventually gave up the fake British accents, and matured into quite a creative band in their own right, with highly intense political messages, but there will never be a day where the band can really move beyond these heady early days where they would sound just fine next to a 'Monster Mash', or, in the right circumstances, a 'Thriller'.  And I hope that Al and the gang, embarrassed or not of their beginnings will always remember the goofy smiles they could put on the faces of thousands of off-kilter Traumakindern. Funny story about this song.  Years ago, I managed to find the single for this track at a thrift store, for about 25 cents.  This was the extended, extra-awesome version from the "Wax Trax!" label, that my friend would potentially have hired a hitman against me to aquire.  Every time my LP collection would come up, I'd get a new offer for the "Everyday Is Halloween" printing, and each time, I would be forced to refuse.  It wouldn't be such an odd story if it didn't run continue into the last eight years.  There's something funny, at least to me, to see a couple of relatively young guys, in 2003, arguing over an LP of a Halloween song! Here's to hoping for a jukebox of Mistfit's "Halloween"…