Kindertrauma Thinghouse

UNK SEZ: The comments are off today so that we can partake in a super THING contest! There are 11 images from your favorite movie and mine, JOHN CARPENTER’S THE THING below. Can you put them in the correct order that they occurred in the movie? Whoever gets the most right the fastest will be dubbed THE THING and will win a box of kindertrauma surprises including a multitude of comic books (including I, ZOMBIE and AMERICAN VAMPIRE), DVDs and whatever else we can cram in there.

I’ll get you started, picture 11 (the one with the spaceship) comes first so 11=1! Can you do the next ten correctly? Are you THE THING? Good Luck kiddies! Email your answers to!

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11 years ago

I only missed it by a few. I feel better about myself now lol.

Amanda By Night
11 years ago

There was NO way I was going to get this one, but I LOVED the stills. So pretty!