Murder Loves Killers Too

Do you guys remember a little while back when we talked about the cool poster art for the forthcoming film MURDER LOVES KILLERS TOO?

Having not seen the movie yet, I stated that from the trailer the movie, “Looks like it knows where to go and how to get there.” Well guess what, I got a chance to the see the movie and I’m happy to report that I’ll never have to eat those particular words. When you hear horror fans bemoaning the present state of the genre, if you ever wonder what exactly it is that these people are on their hands and knees begging for, the answer is MURDER LOVES KILLERS TOO. I’m not exaggerating, much of the film is a love letter to all of your favorite flicks and the part that isn’t is a bright shining arrow pointing towards the genre’s future.

The story is simple, five pretty young things embark on a weekend and meet one not so pretty older thing and, as expected, a giant portion of said people are super dead by the time the end credits roll. Director DREW BARNHARDT basically takes the viewer on a tour of horror’s most famous landmarks; it’s a fun journey and he’s a great guide, but just as you’re getting ready to thank him for the wonderful time and return to your hotel to write postcards, he grabs you by the ear and drags you down an alley that’s not on any map. This is where M.L.K.T. sets itself apart from the pack. It makes it perfectly clear that there is no place this film is unwilling to go. It’s not afraid of gore, it’s not afraid of black humor, and it’s not afraid to be smart, subtle and artistic.

I usually try to give small independent films with a limited budget some leeway when watching them but now I’m left wondering why I do. M.L.K.T. proves that it doesn’t cost anything extra to set up handsomely memorable shots, recruit likable, natural actors (lead screamer CHRISTINE HAEBERMAN particularly impresses) or orchestrate nail-biting, suspenseful scenes. I guess all you need is talent and a serious authentic love for what you’re creating, two things on obvious display here. This movie can be enjoyed as a blood-soaked party film or a bizarre art house character study or anything in-between.

Mark my words though, this is not the last time you hear about MURDER LOVES KILLERS TOO. Not only does it know where to go and how to get there, but it’s genuinely committed to giving horror fans what they’ve been pleading for, the ride of their lives.

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8 years ago

great to see someone sharing the love for ‘mlkt’. one of the great slasher entries of the last few years, imho.

have you ever checked ‘red velvet’? might be of interest…