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I admit it. My love for Bigfoot is fading fast. I’m beginning to think the big palooka is all looks and no brains. I don’t understand why he has to smash so many people’s windows without provocation. Could the mystery beast be nothing more than a glorified vandal? I’m beginning to feel like Bobby Brady when he figured out that Jesse James was a dick-wad. I get that Bigfoot does not have to concern himself with money and such, but what exactly does he do with his day? With all that time to kill I would imagine that he would come up with a better game plan. He certainly could have learned at least one language by now!

Thankfully, my mission to watch every Bigfoot movie known to man has been greatly assisted by my pal Jeff over at DINNER WITH MAX JENKE. He was kind enough to lighten my load this week by reviewing the documentary THE MYSTERIOUS MONSTERS, a film that gave him the old Kindertrauma whammy back when he was a kid. Check out his thoughts along with some impressive footage of the hirsute beast of leisure HERE!

Long-time Kindertrauma role model Curt of THE GROOVY AGE OF HORROR has brought something fascinating to our attention, a childhood horror role-playing game created by JASON L. BLAIR called LITTLE FEARS. In it you take on the role of a child and get to battle beasts like the boogeyman and travel to a dark fantasy world called CLOSETLAND. The game, originally released in 2001, is looking forward to a special edition sometime in the future. Apparently it has caused controversy and divided critics with its portrayal of child abuse, with some condemning it and some, like noted author ANDREW VACHSS, throwing laurels. From what I’ve seen it looks pretty creepy, but any game where teddy bears come to life to protect you and kids survive thanks to a special magic called “belief” can’t be too bad in my book. To learn and see more stop by the grooviest place on earth HERE!

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mamamiasweetpeaches (@mamamiasweetpeaches)
13 years ago

Ahahahahaha! Bobby Brady! I loooove that episode!

Jeff Allard
Jeff Allard (@jeff-allard)
13 years ago

I guess we’ve both got Bigfoot on the brain this week, Unk! Looking back, I can’t figure out what the appeal of Bigfoot was in the first place – was he supposed to be a good guy or a bad guy? – but growing up in the ’70s it was impossible to take a walk in the woods and not look for tell-tale footprints.

sbd (@sbd)
13 years ago

You guys are nuts!  Everyone knows Bigfoot is an alien robot.  Will we ever really see him?  Who knows, but surely not until his masters’ plan is complete.  Mark my words.

RHJunior (@rhjunior)
13 years ago

I’ve read some of the material for “Little Fears.” Quite frankly, it fails badly at what it’s attempting… The various traumas, horrors and bugaboos filling the game aren’t the sort of fears a CHILD has— they’re the fears a PARENT has. Kidnappers, molesters, etc. A child’s fears are of… well, all the sort of things you find here.
The makers of the game seriously need to go back to the drawing board and start over.

jasonlblair (@jasonlblair)
13 years ago

The various traumas, horrors and bugaboos filling the game aren’t the sort of fears a CHILD has— they’re the fears a PARENT has.

Folks have been making that comment for seven years and every single one thinks they’re the first to point out this “flaw.” Thing is, that is exactly what was intended. The target audience is an adult player and an adult player won’t be scared by the same things that frighten children.

Next time, instead of hastily criticizing a work, take a moment to see if maybe your perception of the author’s intended goal isn’t what needs to be taken back to the drawing board.