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Name That Trauma:: April I. on Attacking Cats, a Levitating Lady and an Alien Impregnation

September 26th, 2014 by unkle lancifer · 6 Comments

Hello, kindertrauma, and greetings from Romania.
I’m going to get to the subject, since my english is kinda shoddy; I have two movies I’d really like to see again, and despite the fact that I’m a horror movie fanatic, I can’t seem to find them anywhere.

What I remember from the first one is two scenes: one with many cats in a room, that attack and kill a middle-aged woman, after that setting the house on fire; the other takes place in a hospital, a young woman is in a hospital bed, and a crucifix upends itself, and the woman levitates. It looked like a TV movie, maybe 90’s.

The other movie is an alien abduction one. It was about a young girl, that – as far as I remember – was impregnated by some alien beings. The scene that sticks in my mind is the end of the movie : the girl and her mother are alone in the house, everything seems to be ok, and then the faucet in the kitchen starts pouring water, and bright lights come from the windows. I looked and looked for this one – I mean, how many alien abduction movies are there? – but no luck.

Thank you, and I hope someone will answer my questions.

To many frightful nights


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6 years ago

Hello from New Jersey, USA!

I am not familiar with the alien abduction movie. The closest thing I can find for the cat attack and fire is a 1980 Dario Argento movie called “Inferno” The cat attack scene involves a woman in her early 30’s getting attacked by cats:

OK, they were thrown at her! The film does end with the whole apartment complex on fire. However, there was no hospital levitation scene.

6 years ago

You know, I’m both amazed and embarrassed that I know the name of the movie with the killer kitty kats. If you think murderous, beef-cake ranch-hands, death-dealing felines, vapid, mannequin-esque models, horrible acting, horriblerer dialogue, a ludicrous plot, and lines so ridiculous that they become laugh-out-loud funny make a great movie, then The Eighteenth Angel is for you (it certainly was for me).

My favorite line is spoken by the satanic priest played by Maximilian Schell when he expounds the virtues of his endeavor. “It’s the perfect merging of science and Satan!” he exclaims. You know, there are a lot of things that mankind has striven for, but I was never aware that that was one of them.

How they ever got such actors as Maximilian Schell, Stanley Tucci and Christopher McDonald to star in this turd of a movie is beyond me, but I think the process went something like this:

(Ring, ring)

Actor: Hello?

Agent: (insert name of actor here), baby. I got a juicy part for ya’.

Actor: Is this that shitty script you sent over before?

Agent: Oh, come on. It’s not that bad. And it pays scale. Well, a little below scale.

Actor: You couldn’t pay me with blow-jobs to take that role.

Agent: Yeah, yeah. Listen, they’re shooting in Italy for three months. Think of it. Three months in the Italian sun, the best food you’ll ever eat and booze flowing like a river each night.

Actor: Italy, huh? Three months, hmmm. Well, my pilot did get dropped by NBC. Er, well, OK. But I want all the gelato I can eat waiting for me in my trailer each night.

Agent: You got it, baby!

6 years ago

Oh, and a seconded hello from New Jersey, USA!

In NJ, we’re all huge horror fans because living in this state is a like a little horror movie each and every day. Between the gutted, decimated cities, Walmart at night and the Jersey shore, it’s as close as you’re going to get to living in a post-apocalyptic zombie movie.

Drew Bludd
Drew Bludd
6 years ago

Is the cat/fire movie not Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers?

6 years ago

Hi! Could the second one be the found footage tv movie Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County?

I don’t think there’s an alien impregnation, but I know the girls start acting strange and I think I remember the faucet running and the bright light in the windows at the end.

6 years ago

As I’ve seen both Inferno and Sleepwalkers, I know for sure it’s not any of them. bdwilcox is probably right, since from the trailer, the style is a match for what I remember.
As for the second movie, it’s not found footage. Were there found footage movies in the mid- nineties? I remembered a few other details, like : the teen from the movie acting out in class, drawing something strange (?), and she and her mother having implants in their necks.

Well, the national television from our country sure aired some turkeys when I was a wee kid, so I will probably be back with questions and remembered traumas from time to time.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go watch me some cheesy goodness.