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Name That Trauma:: Carly J. on a Whistling Closet Monster With Multiple Mouths

October 1st, 2014 by unkle lancifer · 2 Comments

Hi! Love your website. WOW! I use it as a great reference list for bad movie night films.

Once I saw a movie when I was young that just ruined me. I saw it on TV in the early nineties. It had monster in it that I think lived in a closet, but it wasn’t the Paul Walker/Fergie joint. The terrifying monster whistled a creepy sound to lure people over to open the closet in which it hid. When someone came near to investigate the sound, they would discover an unpleasant surprise: A freakish monster! Then out of its jaws emerged another terrible screaming monster head, and out of THAT monster’s jaws came a third terrible but rather diminutive monster head. Mind BLOWN.

Did I make this all up in my sick and twisted little kid-mind? Is this a bizarre amalgamation of several horror films I should never have been allowed to watch at that age? Any help is appreciated. I need to face this beast again once and for all. Thanks in advance.

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