Name That Trauma:: Becky M. on a Sleepy Spider Swallower


My name is Becky and I was recommended to reach out to you folks with my search on an 80's horror film I can't track down info for. I must have been five or six at the time, and remember the trailer popping up on TV. It shows a woman lying on a bed, I think there are whispering voices in the dark, and a huge, hairy spider is very slowing coming down from the ceiling into her mouth!!! I was horrified and tried to cover my eyes, but I couldn't stop myself from watching. I never saw the film, still have no idea what it is, but the image of the woman's red lips opening and the spider about to go inside her mouth still creeps me out to this day!

Any info on this horror film would be greatly appreciated!

Thank again,

Becky M.

UNK SEZ: I'm pretty sure I've got your answer Becky! In fact, we've gotten a "Name That Trauma" on that very scene BEFORE. That's almost certainly WES CRAVEN's DEADLY BLESSING from 1981. Check out the trailer below....

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