Sunday Streaming Mother’s Day Special:: The Kindred (1987)

Happy Mother’s Day! Today I’m voting for KIM HUNTER as my favorite on screen mom! Not only was she a swell mom to BAD RONALD and was kind enough to hide him in a secret room when he accidentally killed a sassy smart aleck but she also played a mother of sorts to a slimy fish monster with tentacles named Anthony in the best ‘80s monster movie this side of THE THING! I’m talking about THE KINDRED and I will talk about THE KINDRED until the fine day it finally gets a proper DVD release! I’m not getting any younger folks and let me tell you, neither is my VHS tape! In the meantime, some saintly blessed person has put THE KINDRED up on VEOH so watch it below and spread the word!

Note: THE KINDRED pairs well with fish-flavored flicks like HUMANOIDS OF THE DEEP (1980) or DAGON (2001). Serve chilled with tartar sauce, a slice of lemon and a California white wine.

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