Name That Trauma:: BFD on a Possessed Doll and a Backwoods Psycho


Around the mid 70s we watched some movie, which was on in the afternoon, concerning some family possessed by a witch or something. The family was very much of the typical wholesome 70s type group, with a husband, wife and little girl and boy. The big thing I remember about this was that the little girl had a rag-type doll. At one point, either the witch, or the girl herself, altered the doll so that it looked evil. This was a sure sign that the witch was present. Also, I think the parents became mean as well, when they fell under the spell. There might have been one of those typical downbeat twist endings to this one, which were common back in the day. But I swear this almost had the feel of an Afterschool Special. To this day I have no idea what this was, even though I have a ton of horror movie books and have not come across it. It might have been a made-for-tv affair, I can’t recall. The one thing I remember was the girl and the doll.


Ok, I wasn’t a kid when I caught this one on TV, but being a horror fan I would have thought I’d have come across this at some point in all these years. All I remember is a scene where some backwoods psychos capture this girl. They’re not total hicks, however, as they have access to certain medical drugs. One of the killers injects this girl with something and he tells her its a local anesthetic. As a result, she is fully conscious and aware, but is paralyzed as well. The idea is he and his accomplices are going to chop her up or something and she’ll be awake and aware the entire time–a grisly proposition to say the least. There are at least two male villains and maybe even a female accomplice. This all takes place inside an unremarkable interior of a house–no texas chainsaw style weirdo trappings. There was probably some kind of twist ending to this thing (although I can’t recall specifics) and it must have come out in the late 70s/early 80s. It was that business with the local anesthetic that I remember though, as I’ve never before or since seen that plot device used in a horror film. All I know is that it was not “Last House on Dead End Street”, as I’ve seen that movie(thinking it may have been this), and that wouldn’t have been on TV back then anyway.


UNK SEZ: The possessed doll movie sounds a bit like my beloved CATHY’S CURSE but if that was the case, you probably would have bumped into it by now. As for the second backwoods psycho title, I’m pretty sure you’re talking about 1990’s marvelous BLOOD SALVAGE featuring ELM STREET’s own JOHN SAXON. If I live to be a hundred I’ll never understand why BLOOD SALVAGE is not more popular among horror fans. It’s such a great flick and it has just about everything going for it except maybe a memorable title. I guess you can lead a horse to YouTube but you can’t make him watch! Hey, look! It’s BLOOD SALVAGE below! I’m Crossing my skeleton fingers that I’m correct but if not, BLOOD SALVAGE is still worth another tip of the hat!

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6 years ago

I haven’t seen your movie or even heard about it. I looked on IMDB and couldn’t find it. You spoke of a witch, doll, girl, family and a bummer of an ending. I thought it would be easily found on IMDB search. I googled around and found this interesting post from a horror fan. It appears that your movie is probably part of an anthology. Vague possibility it was part of some more obscure show that wouldn’t be nearly as well know as The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits. Hopefully someone will be able to make use of the post from hypatiab7.
hypatiab7 Illaythia • a year ago
Is this the one where s witch had arranged to give a little girl a doll? Then the girl and her family move into a new house. Due to the doll, all the toys start acting up. Finally the whole family piles into their car and, terrified, they drive away,
crash the car and all get killed. the witch reclaims her doll and arranges to give it to someone else. I think it was part of a trilogy.

6 years ago

It might have been a TV movie or an anthology that was rebroadcasted. Poster “Matthew Sutton” sounds like he is describing the same film but he believes it was a TV movie.
Matthew Sutton says:
Sunday, January 31, 2016 at 8:10 pm
I have vague memories of a film on TV in the 70s…it might have been made for tv or a feature film shown on TV… Anyways, not about an evil doll per se but what I remember is a rag doll.of some sort and that someone (maybe a coven of witches?) Places a mark on the doll’s forhead with blood. I remember creepy woods. Witches (maybe). Apart from that I just remember I was young and it was on TV a couple.of times… It’s been driving me crazy for almost forty years now… Help!!!

5 years ago

So this film isn’t Cathy’s Curse? The closest thing I can think of is an episode of Night Gallery and one of the stories in House that Dripped Blood.