Name That Trauma:: Chris B. on a Bizarre Family and a Desert Casino

These movies (most likely Italian) were played late night around 1989-1991 on cable TV usually around 1-3 am.

A very strange movie where a man is essentially lost and stumbles upon a family in a house where the family is a little weird. It’s a bizarre movie and during a dinner scene they converse with him about the subject of death, whereas one of the family members states that their guest is a young man and would probably rather talk about life instead of death.

That is all I have, although I found it strange that a foreign film was repeated played in the US.

Another film (and perhaps this may even be the same one) is a man is lost and trapped in a casino in the middle of the desert. He has no idea where he is or how he got there. At one point he tries to leave, but the heat of the desert exhausted him and strange people from the casino find him and bring him back to the casino where he cannot leave or escape.

That is all I have unfortunately and wish I could locate what in hell I saw.

Thanks and best,

Chris B.

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popcornmonster (@popcornmonster)
4 years ago

No idea on #2 but the first movie I thought of for the first one is American Gothic. With Rod Steiger and Yvonne De Carlo.

Matt Sunshine
Matt Sunshine (@matt-sunshine)
4 years ago

The second one reminds me of an episode of that series Ghost Story/Circle of Fear, though I don’t remember it all that well. I do recall it taking place at a casino hotel, possibly in the desert, and people wanting to leave but being stopped at every chance.

I’m sure this isn’t what you are looking for, as it is not Italian. I just thought in the off chance it might be what you’re looking for, I’d post it.

Treecat (@treecat)
4 years ago

Matt Sunshine, I thought of that episode, too. It’s from “Ghost Story” and is called “Time of Terror.”
Here it is on youtube, just in case it is what Chris B. is remembering: