Name That Trauma:: Emma D. on a Bothersome Bee


First off, I love your website! The Name That Trauma section is one of my favorites to browse in my down time. I was an easily traumatized child and searching the depths of the internet for the culprits of my fears has been a long term hobby. However, there’s one vague memory I have of what I believe to be an episode of a TV show (possibly even a show for kids or teens? Disney channel? I swear the intent wasn’t to scare) in which a giant insect, I think it was a bee, is roaming the halls of a high school.

Here’s where my memory gets hazy and weird. I believe it’s possible this trauma was truly a dream because I’ve never found anything online that sounds remotely like what I remember watching. In my memory, the insect was possibly a human who found the head of a costume (or school mascot?) of the bee/insect thrown in a trash can. When they picked it up and put it on, they became the insect and started to fly around the halls. I think the cause of the whole situation and center of the episode was a science experiment gone wrong.

That’s it. That’s all I remember. It deeply bothered me as a child. I always hated bodily transformations as well as costumes/masks changing people, so it really affected me. If anyone has an idea of what this could be, let me know. Even if it’s only slightly similar to my memory. I suppose it’s possible the giant insect was not a human to begin with, and that I’m combining multiple traumas in my head. Again, it’s hazy and could have been a dream, but I’ve been searching for this for years. For time period reference, I’m 20 now and I want to say I was between 5 and 10 when I saw this.

Thanks for your help,

Emma D.

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5 years ago

Hello! I am the original submmitor of this trauma! I am commenting some new details I have gotten from my sister who says she remembers seeing this, too. So no it was not a dream, which gives me hope someone will find it.
So my sister has corrected me that it was in fact a man with the head and hands of a FLY, not a bee. She doesn’t remember how he became one though. It was in a school and the fly man was infatuated with a woman (most likely a teacher) who he flew down a hallway to and embraced, despite her being very frightened. My sister says she turned the tv off at this point because we were both too afraid to keep watching.

5 years ago

Oh, one more detail. My sister believes this was on an anthology horror/scifi tv show. But she can’t remember if it was one for kids like goosebumps or one for adults.