Name That Trauma:: Chris N. on a Space Bat Lampshade

Seen when I was a kid, and scarred me deeply:

A black and white B-grade sci-fi horror film, almost certainly 1950s. The scene that traumatized me was a young woman coming home to her apartment, where a space bat had either taken the place of her lampshade, or was hiding in the lampshade? Memories of course are fuzzy things.

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8 years ago

My bet this is It Conquerered the World. The scene when the wife is attacked and rescued. The bats are the alien’s mind control drones or something. haven’t seen it in a long while.

8 years ago

Skrambo on FB is referencing IT Conquered The World 1958 with Lee Van Cleef and Peter Graves.

I remember the bat going after Graves and it taking place in a living room but I don’t recall the attack on his wife being shown. Skrambo might have found his particular scene.

Picture of bat creature and film.
Lamp picture and bat creature.

IT Conquered The World