Name That Trauma:: Chris O. on Bundled Kittens and a Burning Inn

OK, I have two for you, if you’re interested. I have had zero luck over the years figuring out what these are.

1. A man arrives at an inn that is (of course) in the middle of nowhere. He checks in alongside another new guest, a middle-aged woman. During the evening, the man meets a beautiful young woman, who is also staying at the inn. They eventually go back to his room for a romantic engagement and are in the midst of said engagement when the clock strikes midnight and the woman turns evil and attacks him. (I think maybe her eyes change somehow.) It turns out that everyone in the inn, except for the man and the middle-aged woman who checked in at the same time, are malevolent beings intent on killing the guests. In the mayhem, a fire erupts. The man tries to save the middle-aged woman but cannot, so he flees the burning building. The next morning, the man and a police officer he told his story to arrive at the site of the inn. But there’s nothing there. No inn. No sign of fire. Just an empty field. But not entirely empty. The corpse of the middle-aged woman is there, among the tall grass. The end. … I’m pretty sure this was an episode of a horror anthology series, like Tales from the Darkside or Hammer House of Horror. And I think it was a British production. I saw it circa 1984.

2. There’s very little to go by on this one. It’s the ending of a horror movie from, I’m guessing, the late 1960s or early 1970s (based on my hazy memories of the production values and costumes). The “bad” guy, who is either a Frankenstein’s monster type or a hunchback/Igor type, is trying to escape the police via a rooftop. But he is shot and falls to his death. Here’s the part that stuck with me, though. He was carrying something bundled up in his clothes. As he lay dead on the ground, a few kittens emerge from his grasp and mew pitifully while walking around on his chest. That’s it. That’s all I have. I’ve long hoped that the moment involving the cats is specific enough to help lead me to answer. But, thus far, I’ve had no luck.

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7 years ago

Number 2 is most definitely the ending of Al Adamson’s Dracula vs. Frankenstein. Lon Chaney, Jr., is the Igor character (named Groton). He played it mute. Venice beach, bikers, hippies, LSD, and Gothic horror characters. Great trash.

7 years ago

That first one sounds like the episode of KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER entitled DEMON IN LACE, which featured Cathy Lee Crosby — or the episode THE TREVI COLLECTION…but it sounds more like DEMON IN LACE, which is about a demon with the body of an old woman, who can become young by siphoning off the youth of healthy young men…the other episode features the actress who played Angelique on the old DARK SHADOWS as a witch, and she (and her penthouse) go up in flames at the end…