Name That Trauma:: Christine C. on a Spider Spewing Skull

Hello Kindertrauma,

I recently re-discovered your website the other day while messing around on Google, and while I am not a horror fan I must say that the stories and blogs you all post are quite fascinating. In fact it got me thinking of a childhood trauma that I still, to this day, can’t seem to find or remember. Perhaps you could post this as a Name that Trauma feature.

I was watching tv with my family (it must have been in the early to mid-1980’s) and the program broke away for some commercials. One commercial started out as a blank black screen, and, slowly, a skull emerged from the darkness. Once the skull was visible, a spider crawled out of its mouth. Then, a pair of eyes opened in the skull’s sockets-EEEEEKKKKK!!!!! This last part reduced me to a sobbing, shaking ball in my mom’s lap, and I don’t rememer anything after that (except that I was forever terrified of disembodied eyes). Was it a movie? TV show? Promotion for some Halloween event? If any of your staff/forum members have any idea please post it. Thank you.


Christine C. in Albuquerque, NM

P.S. Some other traumatizing (but not nearly as destructive) moments from my youth include Lou Ferrigno as The Incredible Hulk, the Tyranosaurus Rex puppet from The Land of The Lost, and the evil laugh at the end of Michael Jackson‘s hit song “Thriller“.

UNK SEZ: I think I’ve got this one Christine! It sounds like what you caught was a TV spot for HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH! The ad begins with a black screen (and some horrifying kiddie laughter) and then a witch’s face appears (which could easily be mistaken for a skull). The face looms closer to reveal a spider crawling out of its mouth and we then close on two very disturbing eyes! I remember catching this on TV myself and I agree it’s a doozy! It’s one of those superior ads that lets your imagination run wild by not showing any scenes from the movie at all!

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8 years ago

H3, so freakin’ awesome. And so abused, neglected and unfairly dismissed because they tried to exploit the Halloween franchise name when the movie was strong enough to stand on its own.

Matt Sunshine
Matt Sunshine
8 years ago

I think even if you despise Halloween III, you’ve got to admit this was a scary and intriguing TV spot. It’s strange what little things can make you miss an entire decade.