Name That Trauma:: Duckofthedead on an Unidentified U.F.O. Book

Hi. I currently peruse the site under the user name “duckofthedead.” I’m not a prolific commenter but I enjoy reading everything.

Anyway, I’m searching for a book. It was a book about UFOs and I am 99% certain I got it either at a school book fair or through the mail order book lists we got at school. It would have been between 1980-1985 because I know I got it while in elementary school. The book had a lot of the usual UFO photographs but one stood out and gave me the creeps. The photo in question was of a sculpture of sorts of an “alien.” What makes it different from everything I have seen since is it had three legs and looked like it was covered in foil (I thought for years it was connected to Hopkinsville, KY incident but when searching online I found nothing connected to that remotely resembles the photo I remember). I know it’s not a lot to go on but that picture stands out. In the years since I have remained intrigued in all things paranormal and have never seen that picture again. The book itself was paperback with black and white photos. I think the cover was primarily dark blue at top of the cover with grayish on the bottom half of the cover. The title may have been in yellow but I could be wrong.

Thanks for any help and thanks for your site.


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10 years ago

Is this the cover? I’m looking for my copy of this book to see if it has the photo you describe.

10 years ago

Hi and thanks for your help. Neither cover seems familiar. Though the picture on the second cover is creepy. I think the picture in the book I mentioned had just a black or really dark background. The foil-covered three-legged thing stood out somewhat, but the photo was black and white.

tistheseasontv, if you could look in the book it would likely be more helpful because it’s possible the book had different cover designs too.

I’m just dying to see that creepy picture again as an adult to see if it still creeps me out.