Name That Trauma:: Erin T. on an Overnight Library Lock Up

I stumbled upon your website the other night and legit read it for hours! I was a “surprise” baby for my 40-something year old parents in 1981 and my sister was 15 when I was born. I grew up on VHS horror movies and my house was officially the little girl’s house the other kids were traumatized by. But anyways, for some reason this little movie I cannot remember frightened me more than Freddy and Michael Myers (probably because both of my parents were teachers and my house was overflowing with books). It was about a girl who was locked in a library overnight, could not escape and all sorts of weirdo sh*t happened to her. For some reason I wanna say it was JENNIFER CONNELLY but I may be wrong. I am guessing like 1985 or 86? It may have been a T.V. movie.


UNK SEZ: Hmmm. Maybe I’m taking your mention of CONNELLY too much to heart but could you possibly be looking for CREEPERS AKA PHENOMENA (1985)? I suppose the boarding school it takes place in could be mistaken for a library. My other guess might be THE OUTING (1987) in which a girl and her friends stay over night in a museum. Or how about I, MADMAN? There are a lot of books in that one! …FROM THE MIXED UP FILES OF MRS. BASIL E. FRANKWEILER? Now I’m grasping at straws. Does anybody out there think this trapped in a library scenario sounds familiar? Let us know in the comments! Help!

AUNT JOHN SEZ: Sounds to me like you might have checked out THE INCREDIBLE BOOK ESCAPE (1981) starring a pig-tailed QUINN CUMMINGS. It was part of the anthology series CBS LIBRARY.

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8 years ago

There’s an episode of Journey To The Unknown called ‘Matakitas Is Coming’ that has Vera Miles (not exactly a ‘girl’) trapped in a library at night with a murderer. It gets stranger as it goes on.
At the moment it’s on Youtube: