Name That Trauma:: Hailey on a Cartoon Thunderclap Drug PSA

Hey guys. You are so awesome, been readin’ you for years, mate. Anyways, I want to see if you can identify something that scared the living daylights outta me as a young’un. Here we go.

It was a PSA, and it aired around the early 1970s, if I believe. It opened with live-action kids looking at drugs of some sort. A thunderclap sounded, lightning crashed, and the live-action turned to cartoon. The children were sent flying through a Yellow Submarine/The Wall reject, with puppets (think Sid & Marty Krofft-style) singing (rapping?) in rhyming iambic trimeter about not using drugs, or else it would ruin their lives. A thunder and lightning crash later, it went back to live-action, and the kids knew not to do drugs. It ended with a black screen with white text along the lines of “it’s about time you say no”.

I lived in Cincinatti, although I think this was broadcast in other states. I remember one of the kids was a girl who looked like the one in the infamous “Cracks” Sesame Street short. The music was an eerie Moog synthesizer and lots of synth sound effects. And, of course, there was Scanimate.

Please help me with this. I’m beginning to think I made it up.

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