Name That Trauma:: Jared M. on a Grotesque Morphing Head


I’ve had this haunting memory of a scene stuck in my head for over twenty five years. Not sure if it was a movie or TV show. I still can’t figure out what I saw, but perhaps you or my fellow readers can remember. I was a little kid when I saw it. Here I am at age 32 and still hunting.

Here’s the scene…

A guy and a girl sit down on what I believe was the edge of a bed. They’re obviously about to engage in some adult activities (didn’t comprehend that at the time). The guy is talking and gets distracted — I’m not quite sure. He turns away for a moment. As he turns back around, the girl’s head has morphed into something grotesque. I believe it was insectoid, but I’m not positive. She then proceeds to eat the guy’s head.

Thanks for whatever help you could possibly provide.

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7 years ago

Thanks unkle lancifer. ‘Wasp Woman’ was definitely not what I’m trying to remember, but thanks anyway! This movie looks like a great time — I’ll have to watch it. The unforgettable scene I saw would of been from a movie or tv show from the late eighties at the latest. I’m almost positive I was around four or five years old when I saw it (placing it somewhere around 1986-1988). Another tidbit about my memory — when the woman’s head changed, I remember it being really big. As in… much bigger than a person’s head should be. It was monstrous and, I believe, insect like. Maybe a big, exposed brain too? I’m not sure. Could my little kid eyes have been playing tricks on me? Who knows… but that part really sticks out.

7 years ago

Good ol’ Monsters — such a great show. I do recall this episode and unfortunately this isn’t what I’m trying to remember. We’re narrowing it down, at least!

7 years ago

I don’t have a link, but… is it possible this was an MTV bumper? I sort of recall something like this…

7 years ago

kermode — I suppose it’s a possibility, though I don’t recall having cable at that young of an age. There’s always a chance, though.

The Knitting Cinephile

I honestly think this may be Juan Piquer Simon’s “Slugs”. There is a scene in which a couple of kids are about to get to it, but the slugs overtake them. This might fulfill the “insect” description? Check out the link at about 3:30 or so.