Name That Trauma:: Jeffrey C on a Creepy Red Jar

I can remember only one thing from this movie – in a daylit, sunny house, a woman opens up a kitchen cabinet and sees some kind of “mason jar full of boiling hell-stuff.” It’s red. Maybe it’s blood, maybe it’s hellfire? It was bubbling.

I mostly remember the contrast of the horror with the sunny day.

This was on TV in the early 70’s definitely before 1975. I was born in ’65 so I’m guessing 70-74.

I hope someone can help- its one of the “holdouts” after I’ve managed to track down almost every other film I sort of remember.

UNK SEZ: Jeffrey, I think I have the answer and I think we’ve gotten a NTT regarding that creepy jar before! STEVEN SPIELBERG‘ S 1972 made for TV movie SOMETHING EVIL starring SANDY DENNIS and DARREN McGAVIN features an unexplained jar filled with a mysterious (and Evil seeming) red goo! You can read our review way back HERE or check out the entire movie on YouTube HERE! Let us know if we’ve nailed it or missed the mark! If any of our readers have another guess, please leave a comment!

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3 years ago

Daaaaaaamn, that was fast! That must be the film. The daylight scene with the Evil Preserves is at 1:05 or so.

Sandy Dennis has a weird face, and Darren McGavin has The Worst Hat.

Apparently Steven Spielberg is one of the extras, but I didn’t know to look for him until the credits.

Thanks again, and I’ll try asking about another one I just remembered.