Name That Trauma:: John G. on Wrist-Cutting European Zombies

I remember watching this film as a kid about 20 years ago. I was really into zombie films at the time so I went to Blockbuster with my mother and rented this movie.

I don’t remember the title at all and what I remember of the movie may be slightly inaccurate. The movie was about a group of European girls (British or Irish) who were either zombies, vampires, or cannibals. They lived in an apartment where they kept dead bodies. I remember that they didn’t start out as zombies or whatever but they slowly transformed over what seemed to be weeks/months. I clearly remember a scene where one of the females went into a bathroom and looked into a mirror and then started cutting her arms and wrists. The scene was very graphic and lasted awhile. I also remember a male detective trying to find where these girls are and he eventually stumbles across where they live.

Unfortunately that is all I remember. I have spent many hours trying to find the name of this movie. If you could help me that would be awesome.

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LiterateDead (@literatedead)
6 years ago

Sounds more than a little like Andrew Parkinson’s film “Dead Creatures” (2001).

gcg (@gcg)
6 years ago

Nan Goldin’s The Ballad of Sexual Dependency?????? That holds adult trauma for me, being the favorite photo book of a woman who broke my heart twenty years ago. As for the name of the movie, or why those photos relate to zombies in an apartment, I got nothing. But I like it nonetheless.

M Kitka
M Kitka (@m-kitka)
6 years ago

Yeah, I also don’t know the answer but: Wow! Nan Goldin on Kindertrauma!? That’s some real, actual trauma!

deckard75 (@deckard75)
6 years ago

Most definitely Dead Girls

Bartel (@faniel-dranz)
6 years ago

Thanks LiterateDead for refreshing my memory on “Dead Creatures”. I saw this one back in 2001 at a movie festival and really liked it.
I remember that i felt a little bit like an Mike Leigh movie, british social tristesse and zombies on top.
As the years passed i forgot the title until this day…so thanks again. 😀