Name That Trauma:: Johnnie W. on an Eyeball and an Awful Orphanage

Hello Uncle Lancifer,

Love your site.

I’ve had this film in my mind since I was traumatized by it as a child in the late 1970s. I’m hoping you can help me find its title, if you please.Here are some details (the first 3 which may be conflated/misremembered/wrong).

1. Opening credits/title zooms in/pans out to a plowed row to reveal an eyeball with a worm/maggot nearby

2. Plot revolves around farmhouse with a (surrogate? foster? orphanage?) family that murders children and eats them.

3. The movie was made before 1980, as I believe I saw it on Bob Wilkins’ “Creature Features” in the late 1970s.

4. The film is not Philip S. Gilbert’s “Blood and Lace” (1971).

Thank you for considering helping me find this title.

UNK SEZ: Curses! I was just about to say BLOOD AND LACE (How I love that one HERE). Maybe our knowledgeable readers know the answer?!

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5 years ago

A friend of mine says to look into a movie called The Folks at Red Wolf Inn (aka Terror House). Hope this helps!

5 years ago

My friend describes the The Folks at Red Wolf Inn lime this: Girl “wins” a trip there, with an old couple in charge.

Madamoiselle Macabre
5 years ago

Hmm…it doesn’t have a child-eating family but the opening you described sounds like the opening of THE BLOOD ON SATAN’S CLAW (1971).

Here’s the full movie: