Name That Trauma:: Juan M. on a Hand Blender Threat

I saw this scene or part of this scene back in the early ’90s or before, when I was a kid (I was probably 6,7 or 8 y.o).

This is more or less what I remember from the scene: There is a girl that is attacked by 3 or 4 guys, probably in her kitchen. I am not sure if the guys take off her clothes or if the girl was already topless. I don’t remember actually seeing her breasts, but in the next shot of the scene, one of the guy threatened her with a hand blender. I remember that the camera focused on the blades of the blender as it is moved closer to her chest. Don’t remember how the scene ends.

Could be that the girl was the girlfriend of some guy and these guys were rivals of the boyfriend. For some reason, I think it was some kind of revenge or trying to get information. I also think that the boyfriend was in the house.

I know is not much information about the movie, but that is all what I remember.

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1 year ago

Hi, as English is not my mother language, I think I mistranslated the word ‘hand blender’; the accurate names of this kitchen device are ‘hand mixer‘ or ‘handheld electronic mixer‘, or ‘egg beater‘.

Thanks in advance, and thanks for published my ‘trauma’

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1 year ago

Sorry for the bump, in my free time I send emails to some blogs more specialize on rare/ weird movies, so I still in searching this film.

I start to think that probably the movie is Asian, but, either, I don’t remember if the girl (or the guys) were Asian, or that they weren’t.

Besides, if the movie is a Yakuza or even a Pinku, it is a not well-known one, and this make me wonder how the movie end showed in a TV local channel (or in a TV cable) in my city in Argentina.

Sadly, I found a blog dedicated to Yakuza and Pinku and not-Samurai films, but has not been updated in almost 2 years, and the author don’t published an email contact.