Name That Trauma:: Mark S. on a Bricked Up Bad dream

I remember as a kid, turning on my little b/w tv set and seeing, what was either the ending of a movie, or an episode of anthology series. It had to have been around 81 or so. In it, a woman wakes up and upon opening her bedroom window and door, discovers that she has been bricked in! But this was apparently a nightmare. When she wakes for real, she opens the bedroom window and sees trees and hears the chirps of birds. Opens the bedroom door and nothing… But when she opens the front door to the house, it has been bricked up!

I may have the events scrambled a bit. (It has been 30+ years ya know!) Any leads would be greatly appreciated!

Keep up the great work on this AWESOME site!

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stevil1981 (@stevil1981)
8 years ago

As usual with my NTT guesses not everything fits, but possibly this episode of Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense?

Tomb (@gorfulator)
8 years ago

Mary Crosby!!

She shot J.R.

bluegrasslass (@bluegrasslass)
8 years ago

That scene is from Mario Bava’s excellent ‘Shock’ (aka Beyond the Door II) starring Asia Argento’s mum, Daria Nicolodi.
It’s a really creepy film too 🙂

Superfly2 (@superfly2)
8 years ago

Nope! Neither of these are what I saw as a child. The search continues……………………………..