Name That Trauma:: Martin on a Afternoon Axe Fight

This movie might have been on USA Network’s Commander USA Saturday morning in the early to mid ’80s but I don’t know if they showed anything this gory. I was in an appliance video store with my parents and this scene came up on a row of big screen televisions. I was probably 5-6 years old. It freaked me out.

Here is the scene:

It was in a grassy wooded area during the day. A woman slams a logging axe into a man’s back who was facing a man on the ground. Blood starts gushing from the wound around the axe. The man turns around to face the woman and the man on the ground pulls a boot knife, throws it into the back of the man’s neck, causing him to spit blood from his mouth.

That’s all I saw.

I have been looking for this movie for years.


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8 years ago

I could be wrong, but this sounds like Russ Meyer’s Up!