Name That Trauma:: Melody M. on Two Monsters in Disguise

Okay, since I got my first real horrifying experience off my chest before, I was wondering if anyone could help me identify two things from my childhood that have stayed with me for a while. Both have to do with “monster in disguise” type things.

I’m not sure if it was a movie or TV show, but the scene in question took place on a boat. They were trying to figure out why people have been disappearing on the boat, and one of the guys starts laughing, and a huge pair of fangs appear in his mouth. He confesses to eating the missing people. I switched the channel at this point, because the idea of people being killed and eaten freaked me out. I never found out what it was from, though, and I never saw it again. I do know the people seemed kind of like pirates or adventurers of some kind.

The other one was kind of a medieval sword and sorcery flick, and I think the scene took place in a dungeon. The heroine was trying to seduce her way out of being a prisoner, and she knees her antagonizer in the balls. There’s a sound like a piece of wood being struck, and the guy doesn’t even flinch. He says something like “Allow me to show you my true form!” in a weird garbled voice, and then he reaches up and splits his face in half. Again, it freaked me out, the channel was changed, and I never saw it again.

Sorry if those are vague, I was like 5 or 6 years-old at the time. But if anyone can help me, it’s definitely the kind people at kindertrauma!


Melody M.

UNK SEZ: I wish I knew what that first one was Melody! I’m curious to find out because I dig horror movies that take place on boats! The second one, is most certainly THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER (1982)! I just watched the scene again and your memory is spot on! We were just using images from that one to illustrate a post the other day so maybe that’s what dislodged your trauma! Does anybody out there think Melody’s vampire on a boat trauma sounds familiar? Make sure you let us know!

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8 years ago

AH! Holy crap, the Sword and the Sorcerer one is definitely right! That guy splitting his head open…! LOL. After looking at the pictures from that other post, I think I might just have to watch this movie all the way through now. It looks right up my alley.

8 years ago

Oh wow, I’ve been reading through the archives to see if anyone else had already, er, traumafessed (?) about a movie from the eighties that had the villain rising out of a blood-filled sarcophagus and here it is just a couple of days after I started reading! Now that’s service. I saw the Sword and the Sorcerer in the back seat of my parents car at the tender age of three. The blood scene is my very first movie memory and I’m beyond thrilled to at last have a name to go with it!
Thanks so much sharing your amazing site, Unk. I’ve watched more great movies in this past week than I normally see in a year.